In the morning there will be joy

Escrito el 25/10/2023
Vida y Fe Church

For his anger lasts only an instant, but his kindness lasts a lifetime.
If in the night there is weeping, in the morning there will be shouts of joy.

(Psalm 30:5)



Sometimes we go through difficult times of sadness, pain and suffering. We lose important things: opportunities, jobs, study, work, dreams? We break relationships, we separate ourselves from those we love the most, we sadden friends, we lose loved ones.... The crying, anguish and mourning never seem to end. But you can believe this: God will put an end to our suffering. Even if everything says otherwise keep the faith because joy will come.

There are many biblical passages in which we see God's grace manifested in the lives of his children. It will be no different with you! Daniel's friends were thrown into the furnace, but they came out unharmed. Daniel himself spent a night in the cave with hungry lions, but none of them harmed him. Job lost his children, his property, his health, but he came to know God in a closer way. The heavens and the earth suffered with the death of the Savior, but he rose again on the third day! And today, because Jesus lives, we can truly have joy and hope.

Joy comes in the morning
Call out to God from where you are (sad, alone, on a bed of pain or sickness). He hears you and sees you.
Entrust your life into the Lord's hands and ask for his help for those moments of difficulty.
Even when you feel weak or speechless, you can pour out your tears and your heart before the Lord.

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