The son of God

Escrito el 17/12/2021
Vida y Fe Church

– He is Jesus, pointing at the cross my mother said. – Who is Jesus ?,
I replied , and then she answered :
“The son of God”

I was curious to meet him, even though I thought he did not look that happy nailed to the cross.  But mama said that Jesus wanted to meet me, and if I was a good kid; I should attend to the little kids bible class. 

I felt exited and wished to attend class to finally meet the son of God, but those were not the plans of my teacher; whom put on a veil upon my soul. She used to say “The son of God is still suffering at the cross” -and every time you behave bad; he bleeds !for your guilt!  !for your guilt!  !your big, big , guilt!
Ever since that moment, every time that I looked up at him at the cross; I could feel his pain. I felt lost and helpless for I did not want him to suffer for my big guilt.  I made a great effort to avoid hurting him, but every now and then, I fooled around with my little buddies or had sinful thoughts; and I could feel Jesus’   pain because of me.

How big can it be a child’s sin?, For the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to them; though my soul did not know this.    

In my first holly  communion I felt unworthy and hypocrite, What sense would it have to confess my sins to heal Jesus’ wounds? , for no matter how hard I would try; I’d still occasionally had sinful thoughts. With huge pain in my heart and great remorse,  I departed from him; promising him that one day, I would help him stepping down from the cross.   

I built a barrier between me and him, accepting that place in the afterlife called hell, of which my teacher used to talked about.  

I grew up and I became King’s Alcohol servant, he showed me how to ignore the voice of my conscience. Together we broke those stone tablets that I was taught as a child. We destroyed places and he rewarded me with vanity. So much I ignored the voice of my conscience, that I stopped feeling; I got slaved and my mind became captive.  

I realized that the teacher lied; I did not have to wait after life to get into hell. Do you know what it is a living dead person? That I became, longing for my agony to stop. Good for me there was a glimpse of heart in me that said “Its not time to give up yet”    

Then I met the real son of God on my spiritual retirement. Jesus tore down the veil upon my soul, freed me, protected me and healed all my wounds. 
Why do you do it Jesus ? , I asked.

And he answered, – I did not forget your promise, for that I stepped down from the cross to save you . I had joy for he is alive, and no more nailed to the cross.

Jesus said that his blood, was only shed once for the big guilt of every soul that shall visit this world of all time. And to save everyone that seeks his name.

He said that my guilt was buried with his flesh corpse more that 2000 years ago, and that every drop of blood that he shed at the cross; now it protects me and it will not allow that I lose the path to the kingdom that he has given me.  
I invite you Brother in Christ to share the real meaning of the cross and shout at the wind into the whole world; that HE is alive
The real Son of God bless you today