All will be well

Escrito el 02/03/2022
Vida y Fe Church

You, dear children, are of God and have overcome those false prophets, for he who is in you is mightier than he who is in the world.
(1 John 4:4)

There are times when we seem to forget who we have on our side. We lose sensitivity, we feel out of place and things don't seem to go well. This happens when we distance ourselves from the Lord. It gives us the impression that we are not moving forward, we feel stagnant, stopped in time.

The best solution to break this cycle that immobilizes us is to return to the arms of the Lord. God has already granted us the victory because we are his children. And when we are in him, we are greater than the problems that try to hold us back. Christ overcame the world and with him we overcome.

What may seem like a defeat, with Christ is the opportunity for a great move in our life. Put God at the center of your plans and trust in his word. Strengthen your faith, commune with him and you will see how God will grant you victory. If God works, who will prevent it? All will be well in Jesus' name.

With God everything goes well


  • If you are far from the ways of the Lord, ask for forgiveness and draw near to God. Now is the best time to start again. Our God is merciful.
  • Put your faith in God. In the midst of difficulties, put God above the problems. There is nothing he cannot solve. Our God is powerful.
  • Thank God for everything, even problems. Difficulties offer us an opportunity to grow in faith and grace. In this way he will bless us even more. Our God is sovereign.

For prayer:

Lord God, I want to thank you and ask you to guide me. I want to be close to you and always walk with you. You conquered the world and with You I am more than conqueror. In Jesus' name, amen.