Who is the hero of your story?

Escrito el 07/04/2022
Vida y Fe Church

Beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
(Mark 1:1)

The stories of Sherlock Holmes, the legendary English detective, are not told by himself. His friend and assistant, John Watson, narrates the adventures. In the same way, the main character of the Bible is Jesus, but it is his disciples who tell his story.

Jesus is the hero of our story. Jesus is the one who saves us and purifies us from sin, unites us to God, gives us gifts and opportunities to use them and guarantees us eternal life. The glory does not belong to us. Our job is to tell the story of Jesus.

  • To avoid arrogance and give the glory to Jesus:
  • Thank God for the gifts he gives you.
  • Tell others how Jesus helps you when other people praise you.
  • Tell the story of Jesus to other people.

To pray:
Lord Jesus, you are my savior and the hero of my life. Help me to remember that and to be humble, giving you all the glory. May more people come to know you through my testimony. I want to live for you, not for myself. Amen