We trust in God!

Escrito el 05/05/2022
Vida y Fe Church

These trust in their chariots, those trust in their steeds, but we trust in the name of the Lord our God.
(Psalm 20:7)

We live in a time when the world defines people by what they have and not by who they are. It may seem like something of our time, but in the old days this is the way things used to be.

Having possessions and financial power has always been something pursued by many people. Unfortunately, many who manage to have a stable financial situation end up putting their trust in their own possessions which makes them vulnerable. Everything in life passes away except the Word of God.

There are things that money cannot buy: our intimacy with God, the power of the Holy Spirit and our salvation in Jesus Christ. These three factors are essential to the life of any human being, whether rich or poor. We have access to all this for free and by the grace of God!

When we put our faith in things, we put it in the system of this world with its failures. But when we put our faith in God, the impossible is a possibility. Material things have no dominion over us and we live with greater freedom because we know where we have placed our faith.

Trust in God, not in circumstances:
- God alone brings us security in the midst of the instability of this world. 
- Trusting in God is an act of faith, a sure faith that rests in God's love and promises.  
- It is clear that we will suffer tribulations in life, but God gives us the victory in Jesus. Pray, trust and believe in the Lord our God. 
To pray:
Lord Jesus, my trust is in you and in your firm and sure promises. Thank you for sustaining me and caring for me each day.  Amen.